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Welcome to LMX Virtual Brand Assistant, the ultimate solution for pharmaceutical companies seeking to optimize their operations and achieve greater efficiency all the while remaining PAAB-compliant.

With LMX, you can centralize your marketing assets, maintain proper inventory control and reduce handling costs. Reinforce your brand standard across all products, ensuring consistent messaging and visual identity to build a strong brand presence. Take control of field sales and marketing activity with our intuitive platform. Let LMX Virtual Brand Assistant empower your business to reach new heights of success.

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Key Features

  • Patient Kitting

    Enjoy the ease of printing, kitting
    and distributing patient kits.

  • Real Time Reports

    Reporting capabilities allow for
    easier completion of tasks in realtime.

  • File Storage

    Securely store and organize your
    important files, ensuring easy
    accessibility and efficient collaboration.

  • Inventory Reminders

    Customizable reports that allow for
    PAAB Expiry advance notification
    and which also allows for better
    management and control of
    marketing assets.

  • Real-time Inventory and Data Management

    Stay up-to-date with accurate
    inventory tracking and leverage
    real-time data for better informed

  • 24/7 Availability

    Enjoy the flexibility of accessing
    the LMX anytime, anywhere,
    empowering your team to work
    efficiently and collaboratively.

  • Patient Kitting

    Conveniently access the platform
    with a single set of credentials,
    saving time and simplifying user

  • Customizable Layout and Colors

    Tailor the platform to match your
    brand identity, creating a seamless
    and engaging user experience.

  • User Profile Management

    Administrators and users have
    granular control over access and
    permissions, ensuring optimal
    security and user experience.

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Lowe-Martin’s LMX is your gateway to streamlining your operations, reducing costs, and reinforcing your brand standards. Our robust features and intuitive interface will revolutionize the way you manage your pharmaceutical business. Take the first step towards maximizing your success by contacting us today. Let us guide you towards a future of optimized operations and significant achievements.

Contact us now to schedule a demo and discover the transformative power of Lowe-Martin’s LMX Virtual Brand Assistant.

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